Simplicity and Quality

Online Ahead is a Norwegian based company providing innovative IT solutions for quality management.

The company's flagship product is EXPEDIO QUALITY MANAGEMENT system. It was created to meet the demands and functioning standards of Norwegian companies. The implementations proved to be a vital support for increasing the effectiveness of production and services. First and foremost the customers have appreciated the simplicity and functionality of the system, and the immediate profits it brings.

Quality Management

Good information flow within a company's structure, and increasing awareness and involvement of people are essential elements in quality management. The more data you get from your staff, the better planning and decisions you can make. EXPEDIO QUALITY MANAGEMENT lets your employees and stakeholders report easily through apps! They allow for sending fast and precise information about facts and events crucial for the company's functioning. The system monitors the situation and helps trigger adequate actions in a timely manner.

Expedio Quality Management in brief:

  • functional and effective reporting tool
  • mobile system of monitoring involving employees
  • fluent information flow through all levels of a company structure
  • immediate reaction to undesired events/deviations
  • tendencies monitor allowing for swift correction of activities and strategies
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) solution
  • ideal solution for quality control/HR/maintenance departments

Recommended by ISO

Expedio is a solution recommended by ISO Quality Management Principles, as a tool supporting implementation and functioning of a certified system of quality control. More information:

Expedio apps

Expedio Applications are avialable for free on the App Store and Google Play.



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